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We are offering the necessary brackets to allow the experienced enthusiast to perform a bolt-in installation of the Camaro or Firebird T-56 6-speed transmission hydraulic clutch into the 1991 – 1996 GM “B” Body chassis.

This kit is intended as a means for those do-it yourselfers to obtain the most difficult to fabricate parts for the changeover, those that can obtain the F-car swinging pedal assembly, cross-member, and related driveline parts from other sources at a time and cost they deem appropriate.

Note that the 1991-1996 GM “B” chassis (Caprice/Impala SS, Buick Roadmaster and Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser) were never offered with a manual transmission option.

This kit consists of 5 custom fabricated pieces:

1) The main pedal bracket that adapts the F-Body pedals to the B-Body floorpan.
2) An upper bracket to tie the F-Body pedal assembly to the cowl above.
3) A convenience center relocation bracket to make room for the clutch pedal switches.
4) A clutch master cylinder reservoir mounting bracket.
5) A shifter bracket, which serves to move the shift handle rearward by 2.5 inches.

Also included are necessary fasteners, foam to seal the firewall junction and an instruction sheet.

For reference, to complete your manual transmission installation you will still need to obtain the following new or salvage yard sourced components:

1) 4th Gen F-Body pedal setup (1993-2002 Camaro or Firebird)
2) T-56 clutch hydraulics (GM still sells them for approximately $120 new,assembled and pre-bled).
3) LT1 flywheel and clutch assembly.
4) Pilot bearing
5) Aftermarket T56 cross-member (available from several sources).
6) A complete LT1 style (1993 - 1997) T-56 transmission.

Also plan on some additional electrical work to include transmission connector and cruise control rewiring and a PCM re-flash to accommodate the new transmission.

As you can see this changeover is not for everyone, but we feel that by offering those pieces that are unavailable elsewhere, we give the enthusiast a means to make the conversion that would otherwise be deemed as too difficult to attempt.

Some recent comments by satisfied buyers:

"the clutch pedal actually looks like it belongs there"
"The F2B main bracket is the bomb - great pedal feel"

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to download a copy of the F2B installation instructions:

F2B Installation Instructions: PDF FILE

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