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F2B Replacement Flywheel Dust Cover Hompage

The LT1 Specific T-56 flywheel cover plate / dust shield (PN 10241153) has been discontinued by GM for some time now, and parts locators checking dealer inventories have confirmed all remaining stocks have been exhausted.

If a used part cannot be located, the only solution has been to rework the cover intended for the T5 transmissions.

To address this problem, we are now offering a replacement cover to meet the needs of the B Body enthusiasts that have been seeking that last part needed to complete their conversion, and to F Body owner’s that wish to replace their damaged or missing covers.

The covers are constructed from aluminum and have been clear anodized for corrosion protection and appearance.


We are pleased to offer these for $49.95 each + $7.95 shipping. shipping to the continental United States. Please refer to our "CONTACT & ORDER" page for payment instructions and international orders. Thank you.